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Okay Newsflash Express followers! After so long of a time of inactivity, we finally got the software we needed updated and ready to fire up the newsletter once again! We have kept the same format, but we have added some new articles, corners, and overall features! That being said, keep your eyes open for the next issue of the Newsflash Express, especially if you go to Greenville City Schools! Have a great holiday season and school year!

Also, Greenville Goal Getters has recently been postponed until Spring. Click the link to get more info and for a link to the Goal Getters' Facebook group. Ryan H

Okay and also there has been a lot going around this year that has taken all our focus from the news flash express that now has been fixed We will be adding a weebly soon for more of a footprint but we promise to do stuff this year. Sadly we are cutting staff who now do not care any more so we will take names down If You feel your name shouldbe up send it to my email Thanks for the pations Ian Laux

These are the latest announcements so far.


So, why are animals a monthly theme? Did you know an animal is abused and beated every 60 seconds? It's true, and 67% of the time help comes too late. Also, did you know that animal cruelty is against the law, yet 67% of people abuse animals and disobey the law. All of this is true, so our theme is to help protect animals.


Bullies are nothing but people who want to be better that every one else. They want to be the most popular. I'm not saying any names, and neither should you, because you are blaming that person. So let's box out bullies!

Our goal today is to stomp down on bullying. If you see it, report it. Here on the Newsflash Express we are doing a thing called "REPORTER". If you are a reporter, that means you have had enough! Stand up to people, but make sure to be nice. Remember that if you are a bully, think as if you were the one being bullied. How would you like that? Not very much, so stand up and be a reporter. What are you going to be today, a bully or a reporter?  


Teachers are very important to the economy. They help teach us right from wrong, just like our parents. They also want to help us have a better future. If a teacher gives you a detention, it is probably because the teacher knows you can do better. So remember that teachers are not mean, they just want to help you to have a better future.   

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